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Dress Code



Students must be in academic uniform. Students who arrive at school in an incomplete uniform will be sent home to obtain the proper attire.

Students should always wear their full uniform to any and all school functions unless informed otherwise.

Shirts & Bottoms

  • WCCA Spirit shirt, a white or red knit shirt tucked in and buttoned. Navy or khaki bottoms. Boys: pants or shorts. Girls: pants, shorts, Capri pants, skirts or jumpers. Hems are to be 2 inches above the knee for skirts, jumpers and shorts. Navy or khaki shorts must be worn under uniform skirts and jumpers, if there are no bloomers attached.
  • Plain WHITE, RED, OR NAVY undershirt (T-shirt), or WCCA t-shirt, if worn.
  • No form fitting or tight clothing.

Shoes, Socks & Belts

  • Any full shoe tennis shoes (Must cover entire foot). NO sandals (except on Free Dress Days). If boots are worn pants MUST be over the boot.
  • Socks must be worn. Girls: Navy, red or white tights.
  • Belts must be worn every day. Belt colors: Navy, brown or black belts.

NO HATS ALLOWED AT SCHOOL. This includes free dress day.

Physical Education Uniform:

Kindergarten – 5th grade are not required to dress out.

6th – 12th grade P.E. uniform optional. Spirit shirts are purchased through WCCA. Students can wear a WCCA spirit shirt or grey shirt with navy shorts or sweatpants. Shorts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.

Optional Items:

WCCA sweatshirts/hoodies can be purchased through the school. If you do not have a WCCA sweatshirt/hoodie students may wear a SOLID color ( NO ADVERTISEMENTS ON SWEATSHIRT/HOODIE). The colors that may be worn are black, grey, red and blue. NO other colors will be allowed. A uniform shirt must be worn under sweatshirt. WCCA spirit shirts can also be purchased through the school, and can worn with jeans on Spirit Days. Spirit Day is every Monday.

Dollar day Thursday is every Thursday. Students pay $1.00 to casual dress for that day.

Illness Awareness is the last Wednesday of every month. Students are allowed to wear an illness awareness shirt with jeans, shorts, etc.

Jackets /Coats:

NO advertisements or big bold lettering can be on jackets/coats. If you have a question about jackets/coats please call the front office.

Free Dress Code:

On a Free Dress Day, students may wear casual clothes. Shorts three inches above the knee are permitted. Neither shorts nor pants may be form fitting. Shirts must not show any mid-drift. Clothing must not display inappropriate television characters, bands, slang, etc.


In addition to your child(ren) being assigned detention, you will be charged $1.00 for each uniform infraction. The charge will be added to your monthly statement and must be paid the following month with your tuition.


Personal Appearance:

Students and staff are expected to be well groomed and to wear clothing that is neat, pressed, a proper fit, and in good condition.


  • Boys are to maintain a conservative haircut, off the collar and ears, and out of the eyes. Hair must be natural colors. Novelty haircuts will not be allowed (i.e., Mohawks, designs, tails, undercuts, parts or swirls cut into hair). Sideburns are to be no longer than the middle of the ear. If in doubt, please ask a staff member before getting a haircut.
  • All boys must be clean shaven.
  • Boys may not wear earrings. No visible piercing allowed. A gage is considered a piercing.


  • Girls' hairstyles should be neat and clean. Hair must be natural colors.
  • Make‑up must be natural looking. Excessive make‑up may not be worn at school or school functions. The student will be instructed to wash off excessive make-up.
  • Girls may wear small earrings. No more than two earrings may be worn on each ear. Placement of earrings is located at the traditional site for earrings, near the end of the earlobe. No other visible piercing allowed.

Students will be instructed to remove excessive jewelry or jewelry of inappropriate size or design. Students may not wear jewelry in any other pierced site. Students who attend school sponsored activities must comply with Warriors for Christ Christian Academy's dress standards.

Nail Polish must be natural colors, such as light pink. NO bright or vibrant colors. All nails must be the same color. If in doubt about colors check with the front office.