Accredited by National Association of Private Schools

Dress Code

Students are allowed to free dress. Clothing must be clean, modest, and appropriate for school wear.

Please note:

Shorts must be no higher than 2" above knee.

Skirts/Dresses must be no higher than 2" above knee; no mini or short skirt/dresses.

The following may  not be worn:

* frayed or torn clothing

* low cut dresses or tops 

* strapless, halter, tank or tube tops

* bare midriff style tops

* oversized shorts/pants worn low on hips

* hats

* excessive and/or large jewelry/make up

8 t-shirts with inappropriate language/pictures

We ask the cooperation of parents in ensuring compliance with these guidelines before a student arrives at school for a school event.

Consequences for Non-Compliance:

1.  Parents will be called so that a change of clothes may be brought to school.

2.  Student may not return to classroom until in compliance with dress code.